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Shelfster Desktop Tool allows you to easily collect your ideas and information from the web or from documents on your
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18 October 2010

Editor's review

Managing and organizing any kind of information is not a very difficult task if the user is aware of the suitable techniques and procedures that would enable apposite management and storage of the desired documents and files. Any kind of computer user can have a penchant of collecting varied information and files, which can range from excerpts from their favorite poets or simply various music and movie collections that can huge. Usually, frequently bloggers and writers are in a habit of accessing varied blogging sites and collect numerous sorts of information pieces and try to stock it up at one place. Often such information is stocked up without any systemization and logical structuring and hence Shelfster Desktop Tool has been launched to take care of adequate management of varied information.

Shelfster Desktop Tool opens with a light colored and neatly arranged interface with the main options placed at the top in the form of bright icons. The main screen displays the collected information in the form of a list and carefully enables the user to collect, edit, organize and publish information pieces with the help of its interactive tools. The user can easily collect information and create and send text and even image and audio clips with the account of Shelfster. The program can seamlessly integrate itself with the daily work procedures to make the usage all the more simple as the user can easily pick and store any information that comes across the web. The program can also facilitate publishing of information collected to mediums like Facebook, Wordpress and Twitter to share it with friends and loved ones.

To sum up, Shelfster Desktop Tool certainly proves to be an efficient and intuitive tool for information collection and management and hence scores a rating of four points for its impressive performance and functionalities.

Publisher's description

Whether you're a journalist, blogger or any kind of author, you are surely engaged in the process of collecting, editing, organizing and publishing all sorts of information. Shelfster assists you with these activities, offering you easy to use tools, supported by an integrated platform.
Shelfster Desktop Tool is a small application that will help you collect information, create and send text, image and audio snippets to your online Shelfster account. Shelfster integrates perfectly with your day-to-day work flow: you interact with computing devices, mostly connected to the Internet, every single day. You often find/receive information that might be useful or something you just like and you want to remember, store, organize, publish and access it anytime you need it. Probably there are thousands of applications that solve one or two of these needs, but why use two or three apps to keep track of them, instead of using just one simple and comprehensive application?
Sharing and interaction are key activities of any journalist or blogger. With Shelfster you will be able to publish in an instant to your favorite targets: Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Google Buzz. More platforms will be added constantly.
The desktop application, available for Windows platforms, can be downloaded for free. iPhone application, mobile website and browser bookmarklet are already available. Mac application and Android application are in development and are going to be released to the public in the following months.
Shelfster Desktop Tool
Shelfster Desktop Tool
Version 1.5.5
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